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Detective in the Dooryard

Detective in the Dooryard

Reflections of a Maine Cop

ISBN: 9781608937424
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Tim Cotton has been a police officer for more than twenty years. The writer in him has always been drawn to the stories of the people he's met along the way. Sure, he's dealt with his share of ne'er-do-wells-as a homicide lieutenant, he's convicted eighteen murderers-but more often he writes about the regular folks he encounters, people who need his help or just want to share a joke. The Detective in the Dooryard is comprised of stories about the people, places, and things of Maine. There are sad stories, big events, and even the mundane, all told from the perspective of a seasoned police officer and in the wry voice of a lifelong Mainer. Many of the stories will leave you chuckling, some will invariably bring tears to your eyes, but all will leave you with a profound sense of hope and positivity.


By: Timothy A. Cotton

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Pages: 288

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