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True Crime Quiz Book

True Crime Quiz Book

ISBN: 9781590774526
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Several decades ago the boxer "Kid" McCoy was sent to San Quentin for the murder of his girlfriend. A taciturn prisoner, McCoy once blurted to his warden: "You know who I am, don't you-I'm McCoy, not one of those Hollywood types or the kind you find in made-up stories in the pulps. I'm the real McCoy." How much do you know about the real McCoys-and Suttons, Capones, Mansons, and Oswalds? The True Crime Quiz Book is filled with hundreds of questions to help you find out, in varying degrees of difficulty for anyone from the casual armchair detective to the most perceptive crime historian. Who done it...and why? Who beat it...and when? Who cracked it...and how? Here is the definitive testing ground for aficionados of real life crime. The True Crime Quiz Book lets you test yourself in all facets of criminal misdoing, and the Master Sleuth scoring shows how you stand against the best lawmen. The True Crime Quiz Book has hundreds of criminal teasers to satisfy even the most insatiable crime buffs.


By: Jay Robert Nash

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Pages: 190

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