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Saturn, Mary, Sophia

ISBN: 9781584209171
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This year's edition of Star Wisdom highlights the 100-year anniversary of the lecture series 'Isis, Mary, Sophia' given by Rudolf Steiner in December 1920. Over the course of these lectures, Steiner laid out the path for new forms of both star wisdom and nature wisdom, which laid the basis for his Astronomical Course given a month later. According to the anonymous author of Meditations on the Tarot, the guiding being of the Saturn Sphere is none other than the Virgin Mary -- who has manifested in history as both Isis and Sophia. The year 2020 is a very special year for the planet Saturn: the year begins with a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto in January, and ends with a conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in December. This year's contributions will highlight, from a variety of perspectives, the influence and guidance we may receive in a particularly potent way during the year 2020 -- the year of Saturn, Isis, Mary, Sophia.