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Happy Stepcouple

Happy Stepcouple

How Couples with Stepchildren Can Strengthen Their Relationships

ISBN: 9781538130643
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The Happy Stepcouple is a comprehensive and practical self-help book designed to help couples with children from prior relationships thrive despite the complexity of stepfamily life. The number of issues stepfamilies juggle, from supporting multiple households to establishing healthy boundaries with family members, can make it challenging to establish a flourishing relationship--especially since many stepcouples face them before they have had the chance to learn how to work well as teammates. In fact, the stress is so intense, more than two thirds break up within the first few years of committing to each other. But by learning how to establish realistic stepfamily expectations and communicate about problems in ways that strengthen their emotional connection to each other, most stepcouples can withstand the trials and tribulations of stepfamily life and succeed within it.


By: Rachelle Katz

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Pages: 240

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