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Holistic Dental Care

Holistic Dental Care

Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Guide to Optimal Health and a Beautiful Sm

ISBN: 9781538113974
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Stephen A. Lawrence introduces readers to holistic dental care and its role in overall health. Most people America would like to maintain healthy teeth and gums during their lifetime. While conventional dental care still relies on outdated treatment methods, including the use of toxic elements such as mercury and fluoride, this is not the way dentistry must be practiced, and more and more patients are beginning to realize that there are safer, more effective ways to care for their teeth and gums. Holistic Dental Care: Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Guide to Optimal Health and a Beautiful Smile presents a positive, detailed, and easy-to-read argument for the benefits of a more open-minded, progressive, and integrative approach to dental care and overall health. Scientific studies suggest that our mind/body relationship, psychological function, physical activity, and the food we eat all affect us at biological levels, where our habits can alter our immune system and affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. When we get sick on any level, from an ordinary cold to a cavity or gum disease, it's usually because of some imbalance in our immune system, often triggered by chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, and toxins. Holistic dentistry addresses these issues by supporting a patient's comprehensive health. Holistic dentist Stephen A. Lawrence's new work introduces readers to safer, gentler, and more efficient way of treating their mouths and bodies, along with addressing their overall wellness. He offers a reader-friendly tour through how our body works, and approaches dental health through the lens of comprehensive wellness and summarizes current holistic dental healthcare ideas and products--to stop cavities and gum disease, rebuild teeth at home, and positively affect patients and those around them--as we strive to spread wellness worldwide. Considering the current explosion of green living all over America, the increased awareness of how toxins affect our health, and a rising interest in bettering our general quality of life through wellness and mindfulness, this work fills a gap in understanding how holistic dental health care can be part of an overall approach to healthier living now.


By: Stephen A. Lawrence,David Tabatsky

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Pages: 184

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