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Treating Addiction

Treating Addiction

Beyond the Pain

ISBN: 9781538108581
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In Treating Addiction: Beyond the Pain, Edward Khantzian offers a collection of his recent works on the study and treatment of substance abuse and addiction. Based on his five decades of experience in working with substance dependent individuals, this volume builds upon Khantzians theory of addiction as self-medication and provides insights into how addiction is rooted in human psychological suffering, and not pleasure seeking or self-destruction. Almost without exception, life histories of human discomfort, disconnection, and unhappiness leave those so burdened to be vulnerable to the appeal of addictive drugs, including alcohol. Khantzians sensitive teaching voice weaves together an annotated collection of previously published papers into a powerful and engaging volume of effective practice-based treatments. A timely complement to his earlier collection Treating Addiction as a Human Process, this book provides an inclusive and accessible resource for mental health professionals from any background as well as graduate students and those in training.


By: Edward J. Khantzian,Martin Weegman

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Pages: 292

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