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Singing with Your Whole Self

Singing with Your Whole Self

A Singer's Guide to Feldenkrais Awareness through Movement 2ed

ISBN: 9781538107690
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This book teaches performers to use the Feldenkrais Method of neuromuscular activities to ameliorate problems of tension, muscle strain, and illness in order to obtain optimal vocal performance. Singing with Your Whole Self, Second Edition contains an important and unique modularized Feldenkrais "Awareness Through Movement" lessons specifically designed for liberating function in all musicians, and singers in particular. Modularized lessons allow the user to choose between functionally useful short segments or entire lessons. The first part of the book presents the theory behind why this approach works in an easily understood and concrete fashion. The remaining chapters explore our anatomy by area and explain usage, problems, and how these relate to singing. These chapters include lessons that revolve around improving performance. Includes an index both by lesson and by problem, referring performers to the lessons most effective for a specific problem.


By: Samuel H. Nelson,Elizabeth L. Blades

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Pages: 198

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