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Practical Guide to Library of Congress Classification

Practical Guide to Library of Congress Classification

ISBN: 9781538100677
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A Practical Guide to Library of Congress Classification is a hands-on introduction to LC Classification. The book examines each part of the LCC call number and how it is assembled and guides the reader through each step of finding and constructing LCC class numbers in Classification Web (the primary resource used to access LCC). Chapter coverage is complete: 1. Introduction 2. Library of Congress Classification in a Nutshell 3. Breaking Down the Library of Congress Call Number 4. Dates 5. Cutters 6. LCC in Classification Web 7. Basic LCC Call Number Building 8. Advanced Call Number Building 9. Classifying Fiction in LCC 10. Finding and using LCC Resources Exercises at the end of most chapters give readers immediate practice with what they just learned. Answers to the exercises are provided at the end of the book. By the end of the book readers will be able to build an LCC call number on their own.


By: Karen Snow

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Pages: 172

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