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Welcome to the Farm

Welcome to the Farm

How-to Wisdom from The Elliott Homestead

ISBN: 9781493026012
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A fresh, new guide to the backyard lifestyle The homesteading movement is continuing to grow, as more people are stepping up to have a hand in where their food comes from. Whether you want to dabble or immerse yourself completely in the do-it-yourself, back-to-basics lifestyle, Welcome to the Farm is a comprehensive, fully illustrated guide to growing the very best food right in your own backyard. Shaye Elliott takes readers on a journey that teaches them how to harvest baskets full of organic produce, milk a dairy cow (and make butter), plant a homestead orchard, can jams and jellies, and even raise chickens and bees. From her experience running The Elliott Homestead, Shaye provides all the how-to wisdom you need to know about: *The benefits of a home garden *The basics of seed starting *Building your own greenhouse *What belongs in the winter garden *Canning, freezing, and dehydrating techniques and recipes *The pros and cons of caged vs. free-range chickens *Keeping a dairy cow and what to do with all the milk *Raising animals for meat *Making your own cider and wine *And so much more! Welcome to the Farm is aimed to serve homesteaders and urban-farmers alike, guiding them through the beginning stages of small-area farming and utilizing whatever amount of space they have available for optimal and delicious food production.


By: Shaye Elliott

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Pages: 336

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