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Creating Calm Classrooms

ISBN: 9781475850659
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Creating Calm Classrooms presents easy-to-follow and guaranteed to succeed strategies, teacher behaviors and class management practices that the author successfully deployed to create oases of peace and tranquility in his classrooms in more than twenty years of teaching in urban schools. The methods contained in this book can enable any teacher, regardless of lack of experience, to create calm classroom environments in which teaching and learning flourish without the strenuous stresses of students' misbehavior. Unlike most books on classroom management, Creating Calm Classrooms is not espousing a narrow academic theory on classroom management arrived at through a narrowly focused study carried over a year or two. This book is a rich distillation of knowledge gathered, examined and refined in more than two decades of teaching. The teacher behaviors, management practices and students' reactions described here yielded classrooms for the author where he was always able to teach and the students were also always ready to learn. It is not an exaggeration that this is the kind of knowledge that every teacher in the USA should have before he or she steps into a classroom to teach.