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Problematic Sexual Behavior in Schools

Problematic Sexual Behavior in Schools

How to Spot It and What to Do about It 2ed

ISBN: 9781475844382
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Problematic sexual behavior in children can be challenging to understand, difficult to talk about, and hard to manage in school and community settings. Without a systemic approach for addressing these behaviors, communities run the risk of exposing their children to harm and their organizations to liability. In Problematic Sexual Behavior in Schools, Wilson Kenney lays out a comprehensive school and community-based model for identifying and addressing problematic sexual behavior in children that is based on best-practice models for threat assessment. The reader will find practical and fiscally sensitive recommendations regarding school and community supervision, ideas for accessing consultation, information about Title IX, and advice regarding how best to approach these topics with families. Additionally, this book contains all the necessary paperwork and guidance needed to establish a formal school-based process for addressing problematic sexual behavior in children, regardless of the size of one's community. It is a comprehensive how-to guidebook for keeping both schools and communities safe.


By: J. Wilson Kenney

Release Date:


Pages: 175

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