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Feedback Fix

Feedback Fix

Dump the Past, Embrace the Future, and Lead the Way to Change

ISBN: 9781475826593
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The secret to giving better feedback isn't what we say - it's what others hear. Too often, people hear about a past they can't control, not a future they can. That changes with "feedforward" - a radical approach to sharing feedback that unleashes the performance and potential of everyone around us. From managers and coaches trying to energize their teams, to teachers hoping to motivate their students, to parents looking to empower their children, people from all walks of life want others to hear what they have to say. Through a lively blend of stories and studies, The Feedback Fix shows them how by presenting a six-part REPAIR plan that spreads feedforward across boardrooms, classrooms, and even dining rooms. Even with drastic changes in how we work and live, the experiences we create for others - joy or fear, growth or decline, success or failure - still hang on the feedback we share. The Feedback Fix makes a compelling argument for getting what we want by giving others what they need - all while rebuilding the way we lead, learn, and live.


By: Joe Hirsch

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Pages: 182

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