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Chronic Pain and Opioid Management

ISBN: 9781433832567
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This book presents an integrated approach for concurrently treating chronic pain and opioid use. Many patients who suffer from chronic pain are also managing opioid medications. Because this population often requires a higher level of care, it is critical for providers to address pain and opioid management together. This book presents an integrated healthcare team approach that helps patients manage opioid use in a structured, safe, and supportive environment while also exploring all of the factors that impact the patients' pain experience. This whole-person approach to care allows for cross-cutting strategies to be applied and maximizes the reduction of suffering. The behavioral treatment strategies in this book can help providers assist patients who are struggling with chronic pain and have relied on opioids at one point. This includes individuals that are considering de-prescribing, are in the process of opioid tapering, have recently discontinued from opioids, or are currently using opioids effectively for pain. Combining expert clinical guidance with the latest research and practical case examples, the book helps practitioners across healthcare disciplines understand their patients, improve rapport and engagement, and implement treatment strategies to help patients live their best lives.