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Treating Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Ethnic and Racial Groups

ISBN: 9781433829215
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Depression, anxiety, and stress are responsible for an overwhelming number of mental health care visits, and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) offers the most popular, empirically supported approach to treating these conditions. Yet little is known about the effectiveness of CBT with African American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American populations - ethnic and racial groups that make up nearly half the population of the United States. This volume shows therapists how to adapt cognitive behavioral treatments for use with racial and ethnic minority clients. Contributors demonstrate how a client's particular sociocultural background contextualizes her experience and understanding of mental health issues. They examine the influence of sociocultural context on experiences of social anxiety among Asian-Americans, the role of racial identity in the way stress and anxiety are experienced by African-American clients, and much more. They propose adaptations of standard CBT treatments to maximize their effectiveness for all clients, regardless of race or ethnicity.