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Psychology 101 1/2

ISBN: 9781433822490
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In graduate school, psychology students learn the formal, explicit knowledge of the field, but often not the tacit knowledge upon which academic careers are built - how to organise oneself and one's resources to succeed in a challenging, competitive field. In this second edition of his popular Psychology 1011/2, eminent psychologist Robert J. Sternberg updates and extends a trove of wisdom gleaned from decades of experience in various academic settings and leadership positions. In his signature straightforward, intellectually honest, and pragmatic style, he imparts life lessons for building a successful and gratifying career. This revision features lessons in five basic categories: identity and integrity, interpersonal relationships, institutions and academia, problems and tasks, and job and career. Recent developments in the field are covered, and new questions at the end of each lesson prompt readers to explore their understanding of the lesson and to apply it to their own circumstances. Valuable to academic psychologists at any level, this book will be especially prized by graduate students, post-doctorates, and early-career professors.