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Global Human Smuggling:

Global Human Smuggling:

ISBN: 9781421401980
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Ten years ago the topic of human smuggling and trafficking was relatively new for academic researchers, though the practice itself is very old. Since the first edition of this volume was published, much has changed globally, directly impacting the phenomenon of human smuggling. Migrant smuggling and human trafficking are now more entrenched than ever in many regions, with efforts to combat both largely unsuccessful and often counterproductive. This book explores the global dimensions of human smuggling in several forms and regions, examining its deep historic, social, economic, and cultural roots and its broad political consequences.Contributors to the updated and expanded edition consider the trends and events of the past several years, especially in light of developments after 9/11 and the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. They also reflect on the moral economy of human smuggling and trafficking, the increasing percentage of the world's asylum seekers who escape political violence only by being smuggled, and the implications for human smuggling in a warming world. Praise for the first edition'The book's wide comparative breadth, the authors' theoretical sophistication, the up-to-date references and especially the contemporary and intensifying topic of the worldwide political struggle about migration (both legal and illegal), make this book a notable accomplishment.' -- International Migration Review'The book is significant because it challenges and reassesses many widely held views on controversial issues and it should change current thinking on the topic... Stimulating, informative, and informed.' -- Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies

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