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Brand Hustle

Brand Hustle

How Impatient Organisations Build Profitable Brands, Fast.

ISBN: 9780995377790
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How do impatient organisations build profitable brands, fast? The business world is obsessed with short-term results. Efficiency and cost-saving drives decision making. Marketers must do more with less. Yet marketing principles require patience and long-term strategies to see effect. As a result our brands are suffering. What to do? It’s time to reinvent marketing. To challenge what we have come to accept as the norm and to remember that a brand’s value relies on our ability to hustle better than the next; to solve a customer’s problem better, to be faster to mind and faster to hand. You will learn the four key foundations for growth: 1. Find your consumers’ most valuable PROBLEM 2. Design a clear SOLUTION that delivers results 3. Embed MEMORIES that last a lifetime 4. Sell EXPERIENCES that drive future profit and growth. This book is not a guide for the feint-hearted. It’s for brave brand custodians, leaders, founders, CMOs and CEOs alike. It includes the good, bad and ugly of brand-building experience from MARS® and SCHWEPPES®, to FOUR PILLARS® gin, OAKLEY® and the HOLDEN COMMODORE®. Don’t wait until you drown. Get laser focused, build the foundations and apply force, with hustle.


By: Troy McKinna

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Pages: 272

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