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Symply Too Good To Be True Book 6

Symply Too Good To Be True Book 6

ISBN: 9780957716186
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Overweight and obesity related health concerns are at an all-time high in Australia, placing increased burden on our strained public health system. People are desperate for a solution to lose weight that provides long-term results; and doesn’t mean living off grilled fish and salad.

The recipes contained in the pages of Symply Too Good To Be True book 6 are both healthy and delicious, which means never missing out on the food you love.

Annette has taken traditionally high-fat family favourite recipes and converted them into healthy options, often with a tenth of the fat. Recipes are suitable for the whole family, so no more cooking separate meals.

For example, in this book Annette has converted a traditional Bacon Egg Potato Salad, usually 25g of fat per serve, to just 3.2g of fat. Beef Chow Mein, around 35g of fat per serve, Annette’s Beef Chow Sym is 5.1g of fat. An Apple Berry Pie, usually 30g of fat per serve, is now just 2.1g of fat.

First launched in 2010, this cookbook is still a firm seller. The longevity of the Symply Too Good To Be True series can be attributed to the variety of recipes included that are usually off limits to those on a weight loss journey. The Weight Loss Masterclass and 28-day menu plan are designed to take the guesswork out of weight loss and make the transition to a healthy lifestyle easy.

While many fad diets have come and gone, Annette’s recipes have stood the test of time, and the results speak for themselves. “I lost 3.4 kilos and a huge 35.5cm in just 28 days following your Masterclass. I am feeling fantastic and motivated to keep going and have the confidence to get out in a swimsuit this summer. My husband also joined me on the program and lost 3.7 kilos and 14.5cm.” Jenni Martin – Karana Downs, Queensland.

The Symply Too Good To Be True series are not coffee table cookbooks; they’re intended to be used daily. There’s no fancy, hard to find ingredients - all ingredients are readily available in supermarkets, and the recipes are quick and easy to prepare, which is important in this time poor world.

A generation has already grown up eating these family-friendly recipes and now the next generation are seeking out these cookbooks.

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