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Shoot the Baby

ISBN: 9780956842206
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Shoot the Baby offers practical tips and simple tricks for taking great baby photos. More humorous than technical, the advice works with any camera - disposable, digital, mobile phone or Box Brownie! Shoot the Baby is perfect for parents keen to capture those precious early moments yet too busy to study photography at night school. Doting grandparents, godparents, uncles and aunts may also be tempted to 'Shoot the Baby' from time to time. Written for parents, not professionals, the guide is refreshingly easy to read and quite possibly the first photography book not to mention focal length. The book is split into three key sections; Top tips, composition ideas and 'spot the difference'. Appealing images of babies are used throughout the book to illustrate different points. With over 700 000 babies born in the UK each year and millions of baby photos taken each year, the market opportunity is huge. The UK baby market is worth over GBP630m and spending on non-necessity items is high. Shoot the Baby addresses a gap in the market - the other books in the sector are aimed more at the professional photographer than the new mum.