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Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker

Spiritual Tasks of the Homemaker

ISBN: 9780904693843
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What is to become of the family? What is to become of the home, which has been the foundation of society for centuries? Will it disintegrate - or can it be refounded in a new way?
In recent years the role of homemaking has been derided and diminished, particularly in relation to careers outside the home. Rather than being encouraged to nurture home and family, parents are urged to return to the workplace as quickly as possible following childbirth. Their place is taken by growing numbers of day-care centres, childcare workers and nannies.
The author argues for a refounding of the homemaker's role; revitalizing the traditions of the past with real spiritual knowledge. The homemaker can begin to work consciously with the metaphysical aspects of the household, its etheric, astral and spiritual qualities, as well as the various entities connected to the home. He emphasizes the need for an individual forming of the role, as well as the importance of personal development, culture and rhythm.
This inspiring and original book provides help, advice and ideas to those seeking to provide a strong foundation for a happy and healthy family and home.


By: Manfred Schmidt-Brabant,Carol Brousseau

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Pages: 48

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