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The Karma of Untruthfulness

ISBN: 9780880103022
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13 lectures, Dornach and Basel, December 4-31, 1916 (CW 173) Although these lectures were given in 1916, they have much to teach us about today's political spin, media distortions, propaganda and downright lies--all delivered by the media on a daily basis. Rudolf Steiner's calm, methodological approach penetrates the smokescreen of accusations and counterclaims, illusions and lies, surrounding World War I. From behind this fog and under the guise of outer events, the true spiritual struggle is revealed. Steiner's words give the reader a deeper understanding of the politics and world conflicts that confront us today through the filter of popular media. Amid the turmoil of World War I, Steiner spoke out courageously against the hate, lies, and propaganda of the time. His detailed research into the spiritual impulses of human evolution allowed him to reveal the dominant role that secret brotherhoods played in events that culminated in that cataclysmic war. He warned that the retarding forces of nationalism must be overcome before Europe can find its true destiny. He also emphasized the urgent need for new social structures in order to avoid such future catastrophes. Political and social changes around the world are moving at a breathless pace, hurtling us all toward an uncertain future. These lectures illuminate much of what lies behind today's turbulent events and the scenes played out on the nightly news. This volume is a translation from German of Zeitgeschichtliche Betrachtungen. Das Karma der Unwahrhaftigkeit - Erster Teil. Kosmische und Menschliche Geschichte Band IV (GA 173).