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Psychology of Trauma 101

Psychology of Trauma 101

ISBN: 9780826196682
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Mental health professionals who don't specialise in trauma practice are discovering more and more frequently that trauma survivors represent a high percentage of their client population. Trauma 101 is a concise, current, balanced and accessible overview of one of the most pervasive, yet controversial psychological issues faced today. It is grounded in the most up-to-date research and theories on trauma and its effects and covers not only the concepts of what trauma is and the ways in which different kinds of traumas affect people, but also considers how it is diagnosed in the wake of the DSM-V and is treated with both evidence-based and alternative methods. Written by a leading researcher and clinician in the field, the book is an entry-level text for students. It is illustrated with first-person accounts from trauma survivors and encompasses theories, diagnosis and treatment as well as how trauma affects family members and caregivers. The text also addresses the potential health consequences of trauma and illuminates controversies in the field and such emerging topics as post-traumatic growth, multiple trauma and how traumatic events affect communities.

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