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Androgen Deprivation Therapy

Androgen Deprivation Therapy

ISBN: 9780826183910
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With the updated second edition including the latest drugs and treatment protocols, Androgen Deprivation Therapy is the only guide written exclusively about the side effects of hormone therapy for prostate cancer patients. Offering both the knowledge and encouragement to help men cope with the side effects of ADT and increase the quality of life for prostate cancer patients and their loved ones, this comprehensive workbook is filled with helpful advice from experts in the field. Greatly expanded from the first edition, this book is not only an informational manual, but a source to motivate and guide both patients and partners to remain happy and healthy and to make changes in their own lives. This new Second Edition features: Updates to every chapter and an additional chapter on the psychological impact of ADT on gay men How to manage the physical side effects of ADT such as hot flashes, weight gain and muscle loss, fatigue, and insomnia How to handle the emotional side effects and control mood swings and depression How to maintain sexual intimacy despite changes in libido Exercises, checklists, worksheets, and other tools to promote discussion and inspire sustainable behavioral changes

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