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Strategies for Therapy with the Elderly H/C

ISBN: 9780826180117
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Newly revised and updated, in this second edition, Brody and Semel contend that meaningful and successful therapy can be accomplished with an aging population, debunking the belief that the elderly can not pick up or put into practice newly acquired information. Rather, the way in which therapy with aging adults is approached may affect the way in which the therapist initially experiences and reacts to the client because of stereotypes about aging. This book encompasses three major areas of work with elderly clients aged 60 years and older: Living in nursing homes; Living in assisted living housing, while participating in community-oriented activities for the aged; and Living independently and being seen in private practice. It comprises a variety of approaches, ranging from eclectic small group formats for nursing home residents, group and individual counseling in assisted living settings, home care for the elderly, to psychoanalytic therapy techniques in private practice. Illustrative case examples used throughout the book bring to life successful strategies and interventions. New areas of focus include: treatment of stress and mental disorders; Alzheimer's disease; caregiving issues at home; and expanded information on Medicare coverage issue.