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Managing Concussions in Schools

ISBN: 9780826169228
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The first book to focus on managing concussions from prevention to post-concussion return to school. Concussions pose a serious and complex issue for schools - from determining if a student may have suffered a concussion during a school activity to ensuring that students diagnosed with this condition can safely and effectively resume study, recreation, and sports. This is the first comprehensive text for school staff, including psychologists, counsellors, and nurses, on managing concussions in students, from prevention to post-concussion return to school. With a focus that addresses concussions on and beyond the sports field, the book describes how to create and lead a concussion management team in school and provides clear, non-technical information on how concussions can affect learning, mental health, and social-emotional functioning; tools for school-based concussion assessment; and guidelines for creating accommodation plans in collaboration with the family, community, and school team. This book guides key school professionals in navigating the barriers, system issues, knowledge gaps, and complexities in recognising and responding to student concussions. Case studies integrated throughout each chapter feature the same four students from point of injury to recovery. Reproducible forms and handouts include signs and symptoms checklists, a post-concussion care plan, a checklist of academic adjustments, and progress monitoring tools. Key Features:Offers comprehensive, practical information on concussion for school psychologists, counsellors, and nurses.Provides skills in developing and leading a school-based concussion management team.Explains how concussions can affect learning, mental health and social-emotional functioning.Offers tools for school-based concussion assessment.Includes guidelines for creating symptom-based adjustments to the learning environment in collaboration with family, community, and school team.Includes in-depth case studies and handouts, forms, and checklists.