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Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse

Cherry Ames, Staff Nurse

ISBN: 9780826155962
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When Cherry Ames learns that the new patient in her ward is using the proceeds from her deceased husbands life insurance to speculate in stock, she judges her foolish. And when the young woman explains the Pell Corporation investment program, Cherry suspects that her patient is being swindled.

Even more serious, Peggy Wilmot is jeopardizing her health. For emotional tension over the delayed arrival of her weekly dividend check is retarding her recovery. But how can Cherry influence the headstrong young woman who seeks financial help from the wrong people? Find out the truth about the Pell Corporation, Cherry decides, and let the facts speak for themselves.

Some of the vital questions to which Cherry must find the answers are: What are the Pell Corporations actual operations as distinguished from the fantastic claims made in its impressive brochures? Is the mysterious Cleveland Pell really the financial wizard he claims to be? Busy with ward duty and a training program for teen-age junior volunteers at Hilton Hospital, Cherry does not have much time for another extracurricular task. But the plight of Peggy Wilmot is too serious to be ignored.

What Cherry learns in the mysterious world of the "high finance" confidence game will surprise the reader as much as it does Americas favorite nurse heroine.


By: Helen Wells

Release Date:


Pages: 224

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