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Fast Facts for Dementia Care

Fast Facts for Dementia Care

What Nurses Need to Know

ISBN: 9780826151711
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This quick-access clinical reference for nurses in adult health settings addresses the most prevalent and complex management challenges in caring for people with dementia. The second edition-completely updated with the newest guidelines for evidence-based, person-centered care-includes two new chapters on the Emotional Needs of People with Dementia and Self-Neglect and Elder Abuse, along with new information on cultural considerations and distinguishing between dementia and delirium. Quotes from people with dementia are included in this edition to give first-person accounts of their experiences.Fast Facts for Dementia Care, Second Edition delivers specific care strategies for all stages of dementia in a wide range of clinical settings, including acute care, long-term care, and home and community settings. Chapters introduce relatively simple dementia-specific interventions nurses can incorporate into their care plans to prevent or address problems before they escalate. Using bullet points and concise paragraphs, this streamlined resource discusses the issues faced by people with dementia and their care partners and what nurses can do. It addresses disease progression, assessment and management of pain, medications, safety concerns, communication strategies, ethical issues, and end-of-life care. New to the Second Edition: Completely updated with the newest guidelines for evidence-based, person-centered care of people with dementia New information of cultural considerations including culturally appropriate communication, considerations related to treatment goals, and more Chapters on Emotional Needs of People with Dementia and Self-Neglect and Elder Abuse Key Features: Helps identify and manage conditions associated with mental status, including delirium and dementia Provides clinical vignettes and quotes of real-life situations illustrating successful nursing interventions Discusses communication techniques for different stages of dementia Describes numerous interventions for addressing issues such as pain, safety, end-of-life care, and more Includes "Fast Facts" boxes for quick reference to essential information


By: Carol A. Miller

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Pages: 180

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