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Professional Moral Courage in Nurse Executive Leadership

Professional Moral Courage in Nurse Executive Leadership

ISBN: 9780826136763
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Helps nurse executives to ethically navigate the unique challenges and moral dilemmas of health care.This unique text is the first to introduce professional moral courage as an essential competency in nurse executive leadership. It provides a foundation and understanding of the role of professional moral courage in nursing practice, places it in the context of current health care challenges and dilemmas, and identifies the characteristics and qualities required to lead in such situations. Authored by a seasoned nurse executive, the text begins with an overview of the health care environment; roles, responsibilities, and challenges of the nurse executive; and ethical dimensions of nurse executive practice. It then introduces the construct of professional moral courage, establishes a supporting competency framework, delineates a measurement tool, and provides guidance on how a nurse executive can develop and nurture this vital competency. Chapters provide real-world scenarios that highlight professional moral courage in action and its related consequences. Additionally, readers may earn continuing education contact hours by successfully completing an accompanying exam. Key Features: Provides a foundation in professional moral courage and describes why it is important to the nurse executive role Examines the impact of current health care challenges and moral and ethical dilemmas in nurse executive leadership Establishes professional moral courage as a critical leadership competency and provides a supporting framework and measurement tool Guides nurse executives in the development and cultivation of professional moral courage Offers the opportunity to earn continuing education contact hours Purchase includes access to the eBook for use on most mobile devices or computers

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