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Nursing Research Using Ethnography

ISBN: 9780826134653
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Ethnography is a qualitative research design that focuses on the study of cultural phenomena. In this edition, experienced ethnography researchers review the rationale behind choosing ethnography as a research tool, and describe its key features. They provide directives on how to solve practical problems related to ethnography research with the inclusion of nursing examples, and discussion of the current state of the art. This includes a comprehensive plan for conducting studies and a discussion of appropriate measures, ethical considerations, and potential problems. This concise, ""how to"" guide to conducting ethnography research is part of seven-book nursing series, Qualitative Designs and Methods, that focuses on qualitative methodologies. The series will be of direct aid to novice nurse researchers and specialists seeking to develop or enhance their competency in a particular design, graduate educators and students in qualitative research courses, research sections in larger hospitals, and in-service educators and students. Included are examples of published ethnography nursing research. Key Features: Includes examples of state-of-the-art ethnography nursing research with content analysis Presents a comprehensive plan for conducting studies and appropriate measures, ethical considerations, and potential challenges Describes theoretical underpinnings, key features, and development level Written by ethnography researchers from around the world