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Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology

Bridging Theory and Application

ISBN: 9780826129680
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This concise, engaging text, distinguished by its skillful integration of theory and practice, addresses the key principles of sport, exercise, and performance psychology. It reflects the broadening of sports psychology studies to encompass more widespread human performance research. Emphasizing practical applications of theory, the book helps students interested in pursuing a career in sport and exercise psychology, as well as those focused on such occupations as coaching and athletic training, to recognize the applicability of sport and exercise psychology principles to their everyday lives and future careers. To avoid an overabundance of extraneous theories and research, the text takes a streamlined ""less is more"" approach by focusing on just the core theories underpinning sports psychology. Chapters address such essential concepts as individual differences, personality, motivation, stress and coping, decision-making, and burnout in the context of human performance. Bringing these topics to life are companion ""Applying the Concepts"" chapters demonstrating how these principles are directly applied in real-life situations. Interviews with researchers, coaches, athletes, and other individuals from performance intensive professions vividly reinforce the book's content. Additionally, the text contains insights on theories and research findings that students can apply to their own experience. Critical thinking questions and ""Individual Challenge"" activities promote understanding and further exploration. A robust instructors package includes a guide, test bank, class activities, and PowerPoints. Key Features: Illustrates key theories and research with practical applications Written in a concise and easily accessible manner Provides examples of practice applications in sports, exercise, and other areas of human performance Includes interviews with researchers, practitioners, coaches, athletes, and other performance intensive professionals Explains how theoretical concepts can be applied to a student's personal experience


By: Jamie E. Robbins,Leilani Madrigal

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Pages: 312

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