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Genius 101

Genius 101

ISBN: 9780826106278
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Geniuses appear in all domains of human intellectual life. While it is often easy to identify who is (or is not) a genius in hindsight, it is significantly more difficult to explain their existence or predict when the next one will emerge. Part of the reason for this is because 'genius' is not entirely a matter of intelligence. Keith Simonton, the world's foremost authority on genius theory, presents ""Genius 101"", the only psychology based book that explores what it means to be a 'genius'. Simonton provides a theoretical and historical overview of 'genius', with analyses of the very first genius theorists, including Freud, Galton, and Ericsson. He also consults contemporary theorists, such as Guilford, Sternberg, and Gardner. This book investigates the following: what is genius; is genius generic; is genius born or made; is genius individual or collective; and, where will genius science go.

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