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Bullying, Rejection, & Peer Victimization H/C

ISBN: 9780826103789
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Bullying, Rejection, and Peer Victimization is the only book to cover bullying, teasing, and victimization in child, adolescent, and adult populations. With contributions from leading researchers on the topics of peer victimization, teasing, and interpersonal rejection, this unique text presents emerging theoretical perspectives, including social cognition, social ecology, genetics and genetic-environment interactions, and social cognitive neuroscience. This book provides comprehensive coverage on bullying, offering in-depth analyses on traditional aggression and victimization (physical bullying) as well as social rejection (emotional bullying). The contributors also examine both the perpetrator and victim sides of the peer victimization experience, as well as the broader social context involved in the victimization process. Peer and family relationships, relational aggression, and cyber-bullying are just a few of the important topics discussed.