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Integrative Evidence-Based Applied Sport Psychology H/C

Integrative Evidence-Based Applied Sport Psychology H/C

ISBN: 9780826103178
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Sports psychology is a rapidly growing field, with numerous societies, conferences, journals and practitioners. The breadth and quality of scientific research in this field has grown considerably in the past decade, with sophisticated fMRI, EEG, and psychophysiological measures now complementing traditional interventions. How to integrate the voluminous amount of research into day-to-day practice still remains a challenge for most practitioners. Roland A. Carlstedt now sets forth the only book that collects this vast amount of research for the practitioner, educator, and student. Carlstedt presents cutting-edge assessment methods, intervention procedures, and research that are critical for use in evidence-based practice. Practitioners will learn how to work within Carlstedt's integrative model to improve athlete performance and contribute to the advancement of evidence-based applied sport psychology.

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