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Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran

Scallywags and the Wham Kabam Gran

ISBN: 9780648280446
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Grandparents Day can be a memorable time, filled with tea, biscuits and warm hugs. But as Mischief McScruff discovers, Grandparents Day at the School of Scallywags can be a little, err … Xtreme! Introducing Pirate Xtreme Wrestling, the school's most exciting new sport. When champion wrestler, Chomper O’Many, messes with Mischief’s dear old gran, the saltwater crocodile bites off more than he can chew (and Chomper can fit a lot into his mouth)! So put down your knitting needles and throw on your wrestling costumes, because the Wham KABAM Gran is in town! Bullies beware and Scallywags watch out when Grandparents Day becomes the showdown of the century. With four explosive endings to choose from, there’s an ending for everyone:
* The Happy Sparkly Ending
* The ARRR-rated Ending
* Benny’s Gangster Rap Ending
* Flick’s Comic Book Ending

I rate this book five-out-of-five fluffy purple handbags.
– Gran McScruff XXOO

“She’s stronger than a grizzly bear. She’s not your average nan. With courage like a lion, she’s the Wham KABAM Gran!”

“She’s tougher than a great white shark (of which I am a fan). She’s faster than a falcon. She’s the Wham KABAM Gran!” - Benny Banana Peel, The Sea Shanty Gangster Rapper

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