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Personal Success Handbook

ISBN: 9781845900908
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Curly Martin has done it again! Building on the success of the best-selling ''The Life Coaching Handbook: Everything You Need to be an Effective Life Coach'' (ISBN 9781899836710) and ''The Business Coaching Handbook: Everything You Need To be Your Own Business Coach'' (ISBN 9781845900601) comes ''The Personal Success Handbook: Everything You Need to be Successful''. Curly's new title, aimed at the individual, leads readers on a journey to define success. We are all different and success means different things to different people. Once defined, she encourages us to look at ways to be successful in many different elements of life. Chapters include: health, wealth, happiness, leadership, entrepreneurial, career, spiritual, relationships, emotional and many more. ''The Personal Success Handbook'' gives the reader the techniques, methodologies, tips, ideas, inspiration and practical guidance needed for success. You will find self diagnostic questions alongside practical answers in this no nonsense guide.''Whatever the word ‘success' means to you, this book covers it.Curly has a flowing style of writing and is easy to follow. This is a practical, yet fun, handbook and is full of useful tips and suggestions for how to achieve success in every area of life.Her warmth and enthusiasm infuse every chapter and she encourages the reader to take action in their own life through the use of case studies, advice and diagnostic boxes along the way.A highly recommended book for anyone wanting to improve their life and achieve success.''Terri Bodell FNACHP (Fellow of the National Association of Counsellors, Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists) UKL''The Personal Success Handbook does what it says on the tin (well the book's cover but you know what I mean!) offering insights into and ways of improving Levels of success across all facets of life.By no means is this book for the exclusive use of HR or training professionals but rather can be picked up and made use of by anyone who is Looking to change the way they do things in order to become more successful.That said though there are many useful elements of the book that can be made use of in a professional setting given self belief is the main strand that underpins everything in the book from self image to talking yourself up in times of doubt.''- Neil Archibald, HR Network Scotland, May 2009