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Theological Diagnosis: A New Direction on Genetic Therapy, 'Disability'

ISBN: 9781843109983

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Matt Edmonds examines the latest developments in attempts of both Christian and secular health movements to remove disability from the world around us. Exploring issues such as disability theology, the ethics of genetic therapy and the prevalence of faith healing, he examines what it means to think theologically about disability.Charting the rise of the Christian healing phenomenon across the globe, and also of contemporary developments in secular healing methods, Matthew Edmonds offers a practical response to the issues of healing and disability. Transcending traditional debates about the possibility of miraculous healing, and arguments about the ethics of New Genetics, he analyses the unquestioned attitudes of contemporary healing practices from the perspective of those whom they actually affect - people with disabilities.This ground-breaking book will make a real difference to people with disabilities, as well as to Christian and secular perceptions of the value of disability.