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Child's Journey to Recovery: Assessment and Planning for Traumatized Chi

ISBN: 9781843103301

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This book shows how carefully planned and assessed treatment can help traumatized children. It outlines how to set up a process for measuring a child's progress towards recovery. Uniquely, the book describes a practical outcomes-based approach that can be provided by an integrated multi-disciplinary team.Particular themes addressed include the conflict between the child's chronological and emotional ages, the need to work at the child's pace, the importance of the whole-team approach, and the challenges involved in measuring progress. The authors describe clearly defined outcomes for recovery, how children are assessed and how recovery plans are made, and show how progress can be closely monitored and responded to through the continuing process of assessment. Numerous case studies illuminate how this works in practice.This book forms part of an integrated approach and is an ideal accompaniment to existing titles in the SACCS 'Delivering Recovery' series.