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Surviving Fears in Health and Social Care: The Terrors of Night and the

ISBN: 9781843101802

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In this lively and sympathetic book, Martin Smith explores the impact of fear on health and social care practitioners and suggests how it can be understood and managed. Drawing on first-hand accounts, he looks at the commonly experienced fears of physical and sexual assault, as well as fears arising within organizations from bullying, complaints or negative media attention. Focusing on the fears experienced when working in child protection, mental health, probation, and with vulnerable people both in the community and in residential settings, the author provides a wide range of helpful suggestions for good practice and training. He describes the vital roles of supervision, management and workplace culture in helping practitioners cope with their fears, and suggests how family members, colleagues and the police can also provide support. He discusses the benefits of recognizing and confronting openly the repercussions of fear, as well as the importance of using its positive and life-enhancing aspects in practice.This book will provide valuable insights for those working in health and social care, and is essential reading for managers and trainers who need to be aware of issues surrounding fear and anxiety within their organizations.