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Leadership Skills in easy steps

ISBN: 9781840784299

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Understanding and working slavishly to set leadership models can mean missing some of the fundamental elements that will make you an effective leader - being true to yourself and others whilst at the same time maximizing your own strengths and personality characteristics.
This book is designed to help you discover more about you, your own personal strengths and your potential and so become a genuinely inspirational leader of people based on your own personality rather than on someone else's.
As well as describing some of the fundamental elements of leadership it also provides a number of simple exercises and assessment techniques that will help you determine your own unique style of leadership.
Areas covered include:
Role of a Leader
Leadership Behaviors
Adapting Your Style to Situations
Empowering People
Generating Ideas
Developing Talent
Turning Visions Into Reality
Decision Making and Managing Risk
Maximising Performance
An indispensible guide for anyone invloved in leading. Can you afford to be without it?