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Integrating Philosophy in Yoga Teaching and Practice: A Practical Guide

ISBN: 9781787751354

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Providing simple explanations of the various philosophical strands underpinning yoga as well as guidance on how to integrate them into teaching, this practical work from Wendy Teasdill concerns itself with values that are often lost in modern-day practice. It looks at balance, moderation, introspection, self-development and liberation, integrating these into asana practices in a way that deepens the experience.
Each chapter covers a particular aspect of yoga philosophy in the key texts, with links to asana, pranayama, moral codes, as well as some contemporary issues such as orthorexia, the question of cultural appropriation, the role of the guru, misuse of power and recognition of authenticity in an ever-evolving scene. By presenting practical skills rooted in yoga's long history, Integrating Philosophy in Yoga Teaching and Practice makes the transition from physical to metaphysical easy for both yoga teachers and students.