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Bomji and Spotty's Frightening Adventure: A Story About How to Recover F

ISBN: 9781785927706
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One sunny day, Bomji the rabbit and his friend Spotty the cat meet something very scary while picking flowers in the woods.
The friends manage to escape, but afterwards Bomji just doesn't feel safe anymore. His body feels a bit different and he starts to have bad dreams. His friend Spotty is worried about Bomji - how can his friend be helped? Luckily, wise Teacher Owl is there for them.
This therapeutic picture book allows children and adults to talk about a frightening experience. The story is followed by helpful guidance for adults on how to help their child. It explores how your body and how you feel is affected by scary experiences, and explains how you can use your body to help to recover too.
Market: Primary school teachers, therapists, school counselors, child psychiatrists, child psychologists, child psychotherapists, social workers, parents, guardians.