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Sweet Success

Sweet Success

Break Free from What's Holding You Back

ISBN: 9781640951914
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Galaxies away from todays numerous cliched self-help and sales-pitch formula books, #SweetSuccess delves into the complexities of arete--excellence--and how to achieve it in all areas of life. The author intelligently and astutely explores myriad realms of topics that balance faiths, cultures, social mores, relational lifestyles, philosophies--the whole gamut of life--to expand and enhance readers perspectives and worldview. For serious students of abundant life, the following are just a few of what readers will encounter: the wisdom of Socrates; genius of Hippocrates; talents of Mozart and da Vinci; creativity of The Beatles and Duke Ellington; beauty of poetry; courage of Captain James Cook; seriousness of the Sapri-Whorf hypothesis; imagination of Virginia Woolf and Stephen King; daring of Evel Knievel, and the humorous and intriguing life of the well-traveled, well-schooled, and well-read author himself. Author David Sweet writes: We are born an animal, a homo sapien, and each of us needs to progress into being a human: moving from just an animal with opposable thumbs who collects the most sticks in the best cave or in our modern-day collection of money and the creature comforts of home and food and Netflix, into something greater that creates, develops, and helps the human race progress. The 60 eclectic chapters will change every readers outlook on life; thought-provoking and rumination-prompting topics include the following and many more: Earth and Space Science Parenting and Politics Fashion and Fitness Cooking and Literature Writing and Reading Music and Feng Shui World History and Warfare Memory and Dreams Childhood and Eulogies Aesthetics and Angels (And even) Dental Hygiene Each chapter concludes with exercises designed for personal introspection and self-motivation, urging readers to dive into the next step of their journey toward #SweetSuccess with excellence as their core philosophy.


By: David Sweet

Release Date:


Pages: 160

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