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The Quantum University

ISBN: 9781475859133

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The Quantum University begins with an analysis of the current state of higher education organizational structure and leadership based on classical scientific approaches. It then focuses briefly why the classical approaches are inappropriate for human organization, such as universities. From this baseline, the book shares descriptions of quantum physics, ecology, chaos theory, and other newer sciences. These sciences provide us important lessons for how we run our universities. These new sciences are a much cleaner fit and metaphor for our institutional structures and leadership models. The Quantum University finishes with a thorough investigation of what a new university structure would look like and the type of leadership it would need. Each chapter is accompanied with a guest essay written by different practitioners from across the nation. In addition, each chapter shares a fictitious story of "Leslie." She is a new board of trustee member and struggles with her leadership role. By the end of the book, her insights have provided a new direction not only for herself, but also for the university.