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Reducing School Expenses

ISBN: 9781475856699

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Reducing School Expenses: Containing Insurance Costs, Funding Capital, and Tackling the Challenges presents pragmatic strategies and evidence-based solutions to reduce school expenses; contain health insurance, pension, and risk management costs; and fund capital projects. With robust state-specific data on numerous subjects, discerning readers can investigate and compare local and state tax systems along with primary and secondary school funding schemes, particularly in regard to state fund distribution systems, basic plus categorical aid formula variables, and capital funding means. The text offers policymakers and school officials research-supported recommendations to tackle critical funding issues, such as overall escalating costs, spiraling special education expenses, tax reform, unfunded and underfunded mandates due to state and federal laws, and sustainable adequate and equitable funds for primary and secondary education. This book empowers aspiring and practicing public, nonpublic, and charter school leaders who steward school district fiscal resources with realistic suggestions to navigate the unsettled world of school finance.