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Guiding the Human Resources Function in Education

ISBN: 9781475829778

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The primary focus of the book is to emphasize the major changes in the leadership responsibilities of directors of human resources in education. This purpose underscores the necessity for human resources directors to gain new knowledge and skills in order to assure that the personnel concept is considered in all school district policy and administrative program decisions. The primary processes of the human resources function remain significant, but the function's importance is continually increasing as new and innovative changes and research findings are evidenced in education. Personnel recruitment, for example, now necessitates primary attention to re-recruitment. Innovation in mentoring activities now includes reverse mentoring, peer mentoring and group mentoring. Metrics now loom important and necessary in program planning, accountability and assessment activities. The knowledge and skills required for new innovations in personnel were not always available in the program preparations of individuals who focused on preparation for general school administration. This book serve to serve practicing human resources directors and others that will serve the personnel function in the school principalship and other administrative roles to understand and meet the demands of today's human resources goals and objectives.