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Rethinking Classroom Design

ISBN: 9781475818529

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Have you ever entered a building or room for the first time and felt enhanced--felt your body relax and spirit elevate? The effect of human-made environments on learners' brains is not subjective. According to research studies, we all have measurable responses to the design of a space. However, despite the many resources discussing how to decorate and design elementary school classrooms, few resources on middle and secondary level classroom design are available. This book fills that gap. Moreover, the purpose of this guide is to enhance learning spaces, boost student performances, and positively extend teachers' influence. Every instance where you make well-considered decisions about your classroom helps students lead self-actualized lives. This book will help you make those decisions by providing information about everything from students' favorite seating arrangements to what temperature is ideal for learning. And learners will feel that effort every time they step foot in your room.