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Voices for Diversity and Social Justice

ISBN: 9781475807134

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Voices for Diversity and Social Justice: A Literary Education Anthology is an unflinching exploration through poetry, prose, and art of the heart of our educational system-of the segregation, bias, and oppression that are part of the daily lives of so many students and educators. It is also a series of poetical insights into the fights for liberation and resistance at the heart of many of the same students' and teachers' lives. The contributors-youth, educators, activists, others-share what it is like to face discrimination, challenge unjust policy, or subvert monotony by cultivating a vibrant, equitable, revolutionary school environment. This is not a prescriptive text, but instead a call to action. It is a call from many literary voices to create schools where social justice is at the core of education. Stunning in its revelations, Voices for Diversity and Social Justice is an anthology by educators and students unafraid to be passionate about what is missing, what is needed, and what is working in order to make that vision a reality.