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Passage from Youth to Adulthood

ISBN: 9780761863892

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The Passage from Youth to Adulthood explores a society unanchored from culturally endorsed rites of passage, in which young people and adults appear to build their identities within a culture of dependency. In this book, author Pierluca Birindelli interviews Italian young adults still living with their parents, and focuses on how those individuals view the bedroom and the objects therein. From there, he analyzes self-narrations and longer autobiographies written by university students, measuring his impressions against sociological, psychological, and anthropological literature. Birindelli explores the paradigm of what he calls "intergenerational collusion," in which fathers and sons are playing to the same script, heedless of the common good, the other, and the future. Finally, integrating the experience of young Americans abroad sparks transcultural reflections about the concept of play and the authenticity of social performance.