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The Essential Guide To Growing Orchids In The Tropics,

The Essential Guide To Growing Orchids In The Tropics,

ISBN: 9789814351393
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The beauty and the diversity of orchids that thrive in the tropics are unparalleled. And with the right guidance, these wonders of nature are not at all difficult to grow. In this first book specifically written for orchid-lovers in tropical regions right around the world, you will find a wealth of practical advice on how to achieve healthy, free-flowering orchids with long-lasting blooms. First-time growers will find the step-by-step instructions on basic orchid care invaluable, while more experienced hobbyists will benefit from the expert tips on propagation and the control of pests and diseases. An A-Z listing of the most popular orchid genera and their growing requirements will help you choose the right plants for your locale - whether you are in the tropical highlands or lowlands, and whether you have a sunny garden or a shady balcony. Combining over 200 stunning photographs with the latest in scientific research, this book is an indispensable guide to the wonderful, complex and endlessly rewarding world of orchids.

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