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Strengthen Your Mind Program

Strengthen Your Mind Program

ISBN: 9781932529555

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Meet the growing demand for memory-enhancement programs with this ready-to-use course for boosting brain function! If you have thought about creating a memory enhancement course but don't know where to start-or you need to improve your existing program-then this Strengthen Your Mind Program is the resource for you. Become an instant expert with all the latest research on brain health and memory at your fingertips-along with fun, interactive games, exercises, and quizzes for participants to use to learn about and practice both old and new mental activities. This all-in-one resource includes complete lesson plans for teaching 12 engaging topics in a course that can run for 3 months or up to a year. Here is everything you need to help participants tune up their memories: Detailed background information on each class topic Step-by-step leader instructions All participant materials including quizzes, worksheets, interactive activities, and homework assignments Following the principles behind the authors' popular memory-enhancing activity books, this course will nurture brain functioning through self-discovery, group discussion, and enjoyable social interactions. Course topics include: How memory works How stress, exercise, humor, and nutrition affect memory What strategies increase memory capacity, from interacting with friends and family to expanding your learning styles And more! Activity staff in retirement and assisted living communities, and program directors in senior and adult day centers, area agencies on aging, and adult continuing education programs can all make use of this course's robust content. The Strengthen Your Mind Program now makes it easier than ever to make a course on memory enhancement available to everyone.

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